You may have known me in one of the following cities: Vancouver, Burnaby, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.

You may have also known me on-line via MSN, email, web sites, blogs, forums, BBS.

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Here are personal sites built by friends. Go take a look if you are interested.

A Knowledge base of Writing JavaFX Games

Blogs on JavaFX in Chinese

JavaFX Sample Code for sharing

Chinese JavaFX Programmers: JavaFX Center

The JavaFX guy blogs on javaeye.com: JavaFX Guy, Java and JavaFX language technical tips and tricks.

Free web based practice citizenship tool: Online New Canadian Citizenship Practice Test. Excellent for Canadiancitizenship applicants.

Canadian citizenship practice questions, Free Online test paper: Canadian Online Citizenship test. Canada citizenship support.

Apply for United States Citizenship of America application package, practicing tools.

Immigration to United States U.S. application for family class.

Cloud Foundry blogs: Think in Cloud Foundry, include how to deploy Cloud Foundry CF onto vSPhere using automation tool BOSH.

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