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FAQs on Application Packages for US Immigration

Have a question? Please take a minute to review the following questions and answers. If you don't find an answer to your particular question here, feel free to e-mail us: Info@800citizen.com.

1. What are the advantages of using your Application Packages for US Immigration of family members?

With our US Application Packages, you can
  • Get simple step-by-step instructions on applying for the US Permanent Residence of your family members(parents, spouse, children, siblings);
  • Ensure your application is complete and correct before sending it out;
  • Start your application instantly after your order by downloading the digital documents(You don't need to wait for the package to be mailed to you);
  • Save money on preparing for your application (You don't need to pay for the shipping and handling fee);
  • Prepare as many applications as you want because documents in the package are all printable;
  • Keep a digital record of your application, which is easy to stored and can be reviewed when needed;

2. What do the US Immigration Packages include?

The documentations in our packages contain all the necessary information on
  • evaluating eligibility requirements;
  • filling application forms;
  • gathering all the supporting documents;
  • submitting the application to the correct processing office.

All of our packages come with Free Application Forms and most of them are fillable and printable on a computer.

3. What is outstanding for your US Immigration Application Packages?

As the most innovative immigration web site, we offer a digital application package which greatly reduces the applicant's cost to apply for US permanent residence. Moreover, we provide the most organized and systematic instructions for users to complete the application.

4. What immigration categories do your US Immigration Packages support?

Currently, our packages can assist applicants in the categories of spouse, parents, children, siblings. More packages for other categories are coming soon.

5. After I order, how soon can I get the US Immigration Package?

For download version, you can download and start to use the Package immediately after you finish your order. For CD version, you can wait for the delivery of the CD package to start your application.

6. What software do I need in order to use the US Immigration Packages?

The package comes in a zip file format. You can use Winzip to extract it. The extracted file(PDF format) can be opened by Acrobat Reader. Winzip can be downloaded free from winzip.com. Acrobat reader can be downloaded free from Adobe.com.

Mac users: Most likely you can use Stuffit Expander on your Mac to extract the zip file. If you don't have Stuffit Expander for some reason, you can download and install ZipIt.

7. Is my on-line order secure?

Absolutely! Your online transactions are safely encrypted and sent over Secure Socket layers(SSL) and processed on secure servers. We will email you an invoice so you can keep a record of your order in electronic form. Your credit card information is ommited from your invoice. When placing an order, your Internet Explorer Browser will also show the Lock symbol at the bottom-right corner (see below image ):

8. What currency do you accept for the payment?

We accept payment in US$ and other major currencies.

9. How much time does it take to finish the ordering process?

The ordering process is simple and easy to follow. It will take about 5 minutes to complete.

Order the Application Package for US Immigration Now!

If you don't find an answer to your particular question here, feel free to e-mail us: Info@800citizen.com.

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